Deltex is a company with tradition. And you can only build up when you can see beyond today. With our experience and knowledge we contribute to one of the basic needs of people: a good night’s rest. For this purpose we bring quality, comfort and image in balance with each other.

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Everything for an undisturbed night’s rest

Sleeping is different for everybody. Because of our long-term experience we know the basic requirements that bedclothes must meet in order to guarantee an undisturbed night’s rest. At the same time our extensive range of products makes tailor-made solutions possible. The highest quality materials, traditional expertise and advanced production techniques together guarantee high-quality products in all price classes. In addition, each category offers optional extras. We remain on the alert by constantly following trends and innovation, so that we can regularly and successfully introduce novelties.




The best for each bed

Deltex has the correct solution even for the most special beds. From hotels to hospitals and from barracks to bungalow parks. We supply to retail chains and the retail trade sector. Deltex is the largest supplier of sleep textile for Dutch holiday parks and related project markets. For the institutional market, such as health-care institutions and penal institutions, we produce high-quality, medical duvets and cushions which can be used with a boiling programme of the washing machine.


Deltex is much more than a name, it is a household name. We are proud of this. Our products comply with requirements in line with the market, but undeniably have their own character. When it concerns quality we leave nothing to chance. This is why more than 90 percent of the production takes place in own company in Delden in Twente. In this way we can guarantee short lines, optimal quality control and the swiftest possible delivery.

Our clients can count on reliability and personal service. Each employee, from the Purchase to the Production department, understands that each market has its own requirements and can anticipate this. Wishes and expectations of individual clients are leading. Flexibility is our keyword. We do not rest before our clients are satisfied!


Deltex is certified for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BSCI. In addition, we are becoming increasingly green as a company and will soon offer more information about this!

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